Isn't our very existence a proof of God's Existence?

With all of the harmonious systems in place it is impossible for their not to be an intelligent Creator behind it.

A rose and any given beautiful flower is clearly designed if we were to take notice, is it not preposterous to suggest that honey came into being by itself, the very device you may be reading this on may be called a smart phone - isn't the one who made the phone smarter? And what about the one who made Him or Her Is He not more intelligent .

Nay Indeed.

Would you believe a smart phone came into existence by itself? 


Then why would you apply an even more illogical reasoning to that of your own creation which is far more complex?

"Have those who reject not seen that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity - So thus We rendered them asunder and made every living thing from water,  will they not believe? 21:30 Qur'an