Find True Peace

Is it not in the remembrance of God that hearts find rest?

Every single thing has a purpose, our purpose and thus our peace, is found in coming closer to The Most Loving, The Source of Peace, The Creator of all. Only He deserves our utter devotion, He is flawless, not like man or any creature. He is the only True God, The Almighty God that all the Prophets worshipped (May The Most Exalted send blessings upon them.)
Like them: Let us find peace by worshipping The Almighty alone.
Below is a beautiful recitation from The Qur'an about Our Loving Creator

Islam: peace through worship of The Almighty alone

The Oneness of God

The Creator is One. Unique. He never rested or slept. He is Absolutely Flawless. Not like man, woman or any creature whatsoever, absolutely nothing is like Him. Without someone who shares in the slightest of His divinity, without partner or child. The very device you are using to read this was made for a purpose, and you, yes you and your beautiful intelligent mind were made for an even greater purpose, paradise awaits you, embrace devotion to The Sublime, The Impeccable Creator, The Most Loving and Forgiving, thus follow the steps of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and the final prophet Muhammad may The One True God bless them all. Only by worshiping The Creator in the way He has revealed can one truly find peace : Islam. Indeed there is creation so there must be a creator: who is The Creator? The Almighty has from the beginning of time sent revelation to us and informed us about His noble self. In the last revealed book sent to mankind He has informed us of His perfect nature. He is The First and always existed before Him there was no one, He is The Almighty and Tremendous, His mercy is vast, vaster than His anger. He is The Most Loving and The Most compassionate. He is with us by His tremendous mercy, gentle kindness, knowledge and more. He is in the heavens above raised upon His throne in a manner befitting his tremendous majesty. He is not like any creation, not in physical appearance nor is He limited to our minds imagination. He is perfect and is in no need of rest or sleep, He never rested or slept. If we take the example of a craftsman who makes a walking stick with his hands, it would be ludicrous to say the stick was his child or son, likewise The Creator of the heavens and earth made the first man with His own sacred hands. Islam teaches that we are His creation and not His children. He informs us that when one asks about Him, that He is near and that He answers the prayer of the one who prays. He is Kind and Merciful, in fact The Most Kind and Most Merciful, He has mercifully encouraged us not to despair of His mercy and that He wants to accept our repentance. He is One The King of kings upon whom all rely He was not born nor did He have children There is no one like Him. (Below is a spoken word video regarding the names of Allah)

The purpose of life

The purpose of life is something most people have reflected upon and thought about. From the trees to birds, the life in the ocean, the clouds and rivers everything that is known in the natural world has a purpose, indeed everything we make as humans also has to, it defies logic to think that all of creation has a purpose but that humanity does not. Our purpose is found in coming closer and devoting ourselves to our Lord and Sustainer, The Most High, in doing so we obtain peace and safety. It is indeed worshipping The Creator alone without intermediaries. This is the true way to inner peace and the way to salvation . The video link is to a spoken word piece which beautifully takes us on a journey regarding the meaning of life....

Listen to the word of The Most Loving recited

The opening chapter

The opening is the first chapter of the Quran, it is also the prayer Muslims say daily, listen to find out more...

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in The Bible and The Torah?

The following is a recitation by a Rabbi of The Song of Solomon 5:16 .....

Amazing story of an ex-marine : "I wanted to kill Muslims, then I became one"

Story of an ex-marine who hated Muslims, until one day...

Islam: devotion to The Almighty alone

Islam is the same faith that was revealed to all other prophets, to people of the scripture we say to you that we believe in what was revealed to us and was revealed to you. We believe that way of life, of following the revelation as it was intended and in its proper reality is Islam. This is the only way of life named after the submission to The Most High. We put it to you that this is the very same faith of Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad upon them all be peace and blessings. The way of devotion to the One Most High Creator that phrase in Arabic Is translated as : Islam. Indeed Abraham and Noah were neither Christian (follower of christ) or Jew (from Judah a tribe descended from Jacob) so is it possible that their faith was Islam? Video : Islam in brief with convert to Islam Yusuf Estes a former priest. Here he explains the meaning of Islam .

Recitation and English translation of:

Chapter Mary of the Qur'an

Few people are aware there is a whole chapter of the Qur'an named after the blessed mother of Jesus Peace be upon them. Watch the video with recitation by Shaykh Ahmed Al Ajmi with English translation.

Islam Against Terror

What is Islam's guidance about fighting terrorism?

We start by quoting from the Quran :

 Whoever slays a soul, unless it be (with legal cause) in retaliation or for terror in the land, it is as though he killed all of mankind: and whoever saves a life , it is as though he saved all of humanity;

Did The Messenger of God really call these terrorists "Dogs of the Hellfire, and the most corrupt of all people?"

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Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam

Spoken word piece "Nothing to do with My Prophet" For further reading please read our article below "What Islam says about terrorism"

Do you know him?

By the grace of The Almighty,He United Nations without the United Nations

So who is he ? Click to find out (It is important to know that in Islam we should not praise prophets over others rather they all are from the very best of creation.)

9 Astonishing facts from the Quran

Miracles of the Quran confirmed by current science reports?

In the deserts of Arabia 1430 years ago , it was impossible to know that mountains had roots like stakes or that the deep sea was so dark one was able to see their own hand if extended... Watch this amazing video to find out more.

A prophecy come to pass?

In a remarkable prophecy the prophet Muhammadﷺ responded to the Angel Gabriel with the following when he was asked : “Inform me about the Hour?” He The Prophet ﷺ answered, “The one questioned about it knows no better than the questioner.” He Gabriel said, “Then inform me of its signs.” He The Prophetﷺ answered:“That the slave-girl shall give birth to her mistress, and those who were but barefoot, barely clothed (literally naked) needy herdsmen shall compete in building buildings ever higher and higher.” Bukhari and Muslim The day of judgement is undoubtedly near, the tallest building at the time of print is in Dubai with Riyadh and Jeddah both competing, yet only decades ago the tribes building them were in precisely the same state as mentioned in the saying of the Prophet. The other part of the prophecy has also come to pass as in Arabia today if a non native woman is married to a native man of the land she will not have full rights i.e passport etc. in that country but her children will and in fact often result in a daughter being their mothers 'sponsor' or mistress, this is another prophecy and of course it is without question that such oppression is condemned in Islam. Listen to the captivating recitation of the Quran, from the chapter The Cleaving, Al Infitar : A chapter describing The Day of Judgement, it's title is describing the cleaving apart of the heavens the very skies above.

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A Japenese journalist, Ikegami Akira interviewing Saudi Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi on 6th of December, 2011. Sheikh Al-Arifi presents him two different pharses in Arabic in very similar rhymes: 1. From Quran 2. Random Poetry Watch the reaction of Ikegami Akira upon hear both phrases. Mohamad bin Abdel-Rahman al-ʿArefe is a Salafi author and scholar. He is a graduate of King Saud University, and Member of the Muslim World League and the Association of Muslim Scholars. Akira Ikegami is a Japanese journalist. Ikegami was born in Matsumoto, Japan. He worked for NHK from 1973 to 2005.

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Islam is green

Learn about just how much Islam emphasizes caring for the environment, you may just be shocked ...

Isn't our very existence a proof of God's Existence?

With complex systems of water cycle and our own respiratory system, is it possible that doubters have not reflected on their own creation and being?

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Is life a test or is suffering meaningless?

The problem of suffering or the solution of mercy; If there is mercy there must be a God...

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Why is Islam green?

What is the guidance of Islam regarding our environment?

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What is the truth about the high station of Women in Islam?

Are women oppressed or liberated in Islam read to find out

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What does Islam say about the hereafter ?

This life is temporary, what comes after it is permanent...

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Jews for Allah?

See for yourself..

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You don't know him

So who is this man?

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Muhammad mentioned by name in the Bible and Torah? (May The Almighty send him peace and blessings)

The following article is adapted from, set up by Jewish converts to The religion of Islam. (May The Almighty send peace and blessings upon The Prophet Muhammad)

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What does islam say about Jesus? (May The Almighty send him peace and blessings)

We have learnt that The Almighty is perfect unlike man so what does Islam say about the son of man Jesus ?

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Do not despair of the mercy of Allah

Indeed He forgives all sins

This video with English subtitles contains beautiful recitation of the Quran where The Most Merciful informs us of His vast Mercy.


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