19 Aug

A Japenese journalist, Ikegami Akira interviewing Saudi Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi on 6th of December, 2011. Sheikh Al-Arifi presents him two different pharses in Arabic in very similar rhymes: 1. From Quran 2. Random Poetry Watch the reaction of Ikegami Akira upon hear both phrases. Mohamad bin Abdel-Rahman al-ʿArefe is a Salafi author and scholar. He is a graduate of King Saud University, and Member of the Muslim World League and the Association of Muslim Scholars. Akira Ikegami is a Japanese journalist. Ikegami was born in Matsumoto, Japan. He worked for NHK from 1973 to 2005, ultimately serving as the host of the network's news program for children, before resigning to work on a freelance basis.