How to Pray

Whilst still in the learning process it is sufficent in each of the positions  to say whatever one can remember from: Glory To God: sub-han-Allah, The Praise is for God: Al-hamdu-lilah, There is no god but Allah: la ilaha il Allah. Learning Surah Fatiha is critical for the prayer. Why not contact us, or Islamwise to arrange a prayer tutorial or workshop?

The opening chapter: Surah Fatihah 

Once memorised, this chapter is a condition of the prayer without it (after learning it) if it left out then the prayer is invalid (except when praying behind another person)



Al Hamdu Li-Lahi Rabbil-Alameen




Wa eeyaka-NastaEen

iuhdinas-Siratal Mustaqeem

Siratal Latheena anAmta Alayhim

Ghrayril Maghdoobee Alayhim 

wa laDoooorleen

Aoothu-Billahi-minash-shayTaanir-Rajeem : I ask and take refuge in God from the outcast shaytan (the devil)

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem: In the name of the Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate :


Al Hamdu Li-Lahi Rabbil-Alameen: All The praise is for Allah the Lord of all of creation


Ar-Rahmani-r-Raheem: The Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate


Maliki-YowmiDeen: The Sovereign (King and master ) of the day of reckoning


eeyaka-NAbudu: You alone we worship Wa eeyaka-NastaEen:  and (to) you alone we pray to for help


iuhdinas-Siratal Mustaqeem :Guide us to the straight path


Siratal Latheena anAmta Alayhim :The path and way of those whom you have blessed Ghrayril Maghdoobee Alayhim wa laDoooorleen : not of those who earned earned your wrath, nor (the way) of those astray..